Free Documentary Filmmaking Training | New Immigrant & Refugee Visions

Apply to be one of ten new immigrants and refugees from the Boston area to learn documentary filmmaking!

Each participate will produce his or her own short film about the challenges faced or the contributions made by their community. Your film will be screened across the country to inform public opinion and influence decision makers about the experiences of new immigrants and refugees.


  1. New immigrant or refugee in Greater Boston, 18 years and older, who has ideally been in the US for 2-10 years;
  2. Conversational English;
  3. Previous experience with any form of storytelling, such as theater, fiction or non-fiction writing, print, radio, photo, video or other journalism in the US or country of origin. No previous filmmaking experience required;
  4. Involvement in your community’s economic or social issues. Your experience can be professional or voluntary;
  5. Ability to use what you learn from the training in your ongoing community or professional work. The training does not intend to produce filmmakers who can make their living solely from documentary filmmaking, but will provide usable and employable skills for continued community activism or employment;
  6. Comfort working with people coming from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds;
  7. Excellent work ethic and a good sense of humor. This will be a demanding training and require a great deal of hard work, self-initiative and attention to detail.

Time Commitment:

  1. Fifteen weeks: classes will be held all day Saturdays and one weekday evening per week.
  2. 5+ hours of work out of class to do your weekly filmmaking exercises and to make your final short-film.


June 17th – October 7th, 2017; All Saturdays except 7/1 and 9/2; Plus one weekday evening per week, 6-9pm

Expenses Covered:

  1. Transportation
  2. Lunch on days of training
  3. Equipment and production resources provided.

Learn more about how to apply here. Community Supported Film invests in local documentary training and production. The stories told nourish an understanding of the world that isn't available from the mainstream media.

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