Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "Ambush" (S2:E7)

Quinn stay plotting, Rachel can't get right, Chantal did waaaay too much, Darius and Romeo literally end up in a world of hurt, Jay checks Rachel (again) and Yael 'bout to get all the tea!


Central Park Demos

Class assignment: L & J cuts, proper exposure, storytelling, use of sound, match cuts, hidden cuts, 3 minute hard limit, web development, photography, etc. 

Music written & produced by Robert Popa. Camera work by Robert Popa. Lighting & direction by Robert Popa. Edited in Adobe Premiere and sound production in Avid ProTools by Robert Popa. 


Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "Casualty" (S2:E6)

Rachel deals with the aftermath of Jeremy's abuse, Darius goes to Alabama, Quinn's new boo is THE BEST and I'm pretty sure clowning Graham is my new favorite thing.


Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "Infiltration" (S2:E5)

Rachel and Coleman get a little more serious. Quinn and Rachel still fightin', Ruby gets an overnight with Darius which turns disastrous because Quinn. Also, I think Papa Pope has a brother. Jeremy lost his entire mind and I still don't know what Yael is up to #‎Shady


Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "Treason" (S2:E4)

Quinn told Rachel to eat dirt, Chet had the ladies playing powder puff football, Darius is taking a big risk with his body, Romeo wants to bounce, Ruby gets a private moment with Darius, Yael is plotting AND there was a baby on set!!!


Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "Guerrilla" (S2:E3)

Quinn & Rachel together are indeed terrifying! Darius got game and a secret. Chet is upping his crazy. I knew having a MMA fighter on set was gonna be interesting! #PoorBrandi And Gary played the hell out of Quinn! D-R-A-M-A!!!


Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "Insurgent" (S2:E2)

Ruby went H.A.M! Tiffany let herself get played by Chet - who is a nightmare btw and “‎Poor Rachel” I am fearing for her sanity! Also new character alert!!


Lifetime's 'UnREAL' - CrescentSpeak Recap "War" (S2:E1)

Season 2 has a black suitor, the blonde haired wifey, a debutante a.k.a. black Barbie and lil Miss Alabama rocking a confederate bikini. Quinn is still a Boss and Rachel is still unstable yet they have matching tattoos because they are now besties. Let's see how long that lasts...


Keep Me Posted - A Web Series

Keep Me Posted is a biting look at the impact of texting and social media on our closest relationships, told through the lives of 3 female friends trying to grow up without growing apart. In the process, they grapple with everything from career crises, dating, and marriage, to self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.


One Day We Arrived in Japan - A documentary film

An intimate epic spanning 10 years and 10,000 miles, One Day We Arrived in Japan reveals how people’s dreams and expectations stand up to a grueling new reality on the other side of the world. Three Brazilian families leave their homeland in pursuit of a better life in Japan – what will happen to each of them? Over the past 25 years, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians of Japanese descent have gone to Japan. This unique documentary brings to light the gripping personal stories behind a major transnational phenomenon.

Produced and co-directed by Aaron Litvin, a Harvard College alum.

Visit for more info about the film and the Kickstarter campaign!


Author Spotlight: Mari Hamill

#1 Bestselling Amazon Author Steve DeWinter shines the ODNT Spotlight on author Mari Hamill.


ABSENT Teaser Trailer - Web series by Harvard students

Several friends and I, all undergrads, have been working on a web series this year. Check out our trailer and the two episodes we've released! We're currently wrapping up production of the third! Thanks!

- Ramon Galvan


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