Auditions for the August 2009 Harvardwood TV Pilot Showcase will be held THIS WEDNESDAY, July 15 from 6-10 PM at Blankspaces (near La Brea and Wilshire). The Showcase will be held Tuesday, August 18th, tentatively at the WGA. The director is Nick Weiss (SENIOR SKIP DAY), and the casting director is Liz Shoai (AVATAR, "Psych"). The showcase is an invitation only event featuring scenes from four original TV pilots by Harvardwood writers (15 min each). And as a joint effort with the new Harvardwood Actors Program - we're giving preference to Harvardwood actors for the cast. Check out the website -

The initial casting session is open to Harvardwood Actors only. Find the breakdown and RSVP here: (your membership needs to be current to view the form).


Depending on the response we will open up certain roles to the outside community.

Please contact Allison Kiessling with questions - [email protected]

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