Are you a data cruncher? We need you!

As Harvardwood swells to almost 10,000 folks in our online community, we want to gain a better understanding of what draws them to the organization and what we can do—what we can do better—to meet their needs. To that end, we're in need of a Board member who can help us crunch our membership data and use that data to make Harvardwood even better. Read on for more info about this volunteer position! 

Director, Membership

Are you great at organizing huge amounts of data to break down into comprehensible, bite-sized pieces? The Director of Membership will help the Board in determining why people become Full Members and implement strategies for keeping members engaged in the organization. This person will also serve as one of the points of contact for current members on how to best utilize Harvardwood. They will relay information to the Board about what is important to members and how to improve the overall Harvardwood membership experience. They should be extremely proficient with Excel and familiar with membership software. 

Speaking of Board openings, we are also looking for a volunteer to assist Patricia Danaher, Director of Harvardwood Publishing!

Associate Director, Harvardwood Publishing

Harvardwood Publishing is expanding in exciting new ways, and the Director seeks an Associate Director to help develop a range of projects. In 2016, we published our first-ever anthology and aim to pursue future projects in support of the work of Harvard-affiliated writers. A knowledge of and passion for electronic publishing would be welcome, as well as ease in the world of sponsorship and marketing.

To be considered, please submit your resume and a brief statement of qualification (1 or 2 paragraphs) to [email protected] by January 23, 2019. Please be sure to write your statement in the body of your email, not as a separate attachment. Thank you!

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