$10,000 Table Read Contest at Amazon Studios - Jan. 31st deadline

$10,000 Table Read Contest at Amazon Studios, deadline is January 31.

Amazon Studios is delighted to announce a bonus contest for January: $10,000 for the best table read based on one of the 50 scripts chosen as semifinalists in our December contest. Entries must be submitted on or before Jan. 31. Gil Cates, acclaimed film and theater director and longtime Oscars producer, will serve as guest judge. The winner of the table read bonus contest will be announced in February.

Table reads are also a form of Amazon Studios test movie, which means that eligible table-read submissions also will be in the running for our previously announced contest: $100,000 to the top test movie uploaded by 11:59 p.m. Jan. 31, A table read can be as simple as pointing a camera at a group of people. What’s most important is that those people convey the emotion of the story in a compelling way. Learn more here: studios.amazon.com

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