2009 Harvardwood Screenplay Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 Harvardwood Screenplay Competition, sponsored by Circle of Confusion! It was a very competitive pool of scripts, and we thank all of the writers who participated. To read the winning screenplays, please email a request to: [email protected]

1st place: RESPONSIBLE ADULTS by Alex Schemmer

An immature college grad reconnects with his childhood babysitter, sparking an instant attraction. To prove that he’s become a RESPONSIBLE ADULT worthy of her attention, the college grad "adopts” a spunky elderly lady as a community service project and – despite his initial intentions – does some actual growing up.

2nd place: MY EYES ARE RELAXED by Leonard Chang

When Lizbeth’s father is killed in a robbery, she tries to find the culprit and quickly learns of her father's connections to the Korean underworld in L.A. The identity of the killer turns out to be a shocking surprise that pits her against the Korean underworld.

3rd place: RUSSIAN RIVER by Rob Cain

A young Texas rancher defies the Nazi armies and leads a winter cattle drive across the Russian front to bring beef to the starving citizens of Leningrad.

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