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  • The Fall 2015 Harvardwood Writers Program will begin in September 2015. Find out about application deadlines (August 31st for LA-based TV writers) and other important information here.

  • Singers, grab those mics because the Harvardwood Karaoke Contest is ON! We're accepting your YouTube submissions featuring YOU rocking out to your favorite Karaoke jam now through August 31st.

  • Are you an established Harvard alum interested in participating in the Harvardwood Mentorship Program? We need you for the 2015-2016 HMP, which fosters meaningful professional relationships by matching Harvard grads with more established alums in their fields of interest for a period of eight months of one-on-one career mentoring. Become a mentor


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    Harvardwood Heads To... Dirt Ladies w/Rajskub, Jalees, DiGiovanni & Kashian

    Tuesday, September 01, 2015 at 11:00 PM through September 02, 2015 · $5.00 USD
    UCB Franklin in Los Angeles , CA

    The NSA is watching everything you do. Fight the power: share everything. 

    It's Ladies Night at DIRT--the standup show where comics share their most damning personal secrets onstage. And audience members can do the same by texting in their their most damning dick pics to a burner cell phone. 

    dirt_ladies.jpgHosted by Kiran Deol & Emily Maya Mills 

    This month brings

    • Mary Lynn Rajskub (24)
    • Sabrina Jalees (Girl Code)
    • Jackie Kashian (Conan, The Dork Forest) 
    • Debra DiGiovanni (Single Awkward Female) 

    Whistleblowers will be protected. Maybe. No guarantees.

    C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Navigating Gallery Representation and Consignment Agreements

    Wednesday, September 09, 2015 at 07:00 PM · $20.00 USD

    Are you an artist, dealer, or gallery owner? Do you want to better understand the legal relationships between artists and galleries? Join CLA and attorney Louis E. Greenwald in a discussion of California laws governing consignment sales. The program will cover common contract clauses, while focusing on ways to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes. It will also include strategies for negotiating the best possible deal. You will learn how to review and analyze artist/gallery consignment agreements, how to make sense of any legalese, and how to make sure you do not sign something you will later regret.


    Louis E. Greenwald, Esq., a partner at the law firm Choi & Greenwald, practices employment law, contract law, and art law. Mr. Greenwald represents artists, art galleries, art foundries, art appraisers, and museums. Mr. Greenwald has extensive experience drafting and reviewing consignment agreements.

    These workshops are made possible, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission; and The City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support provided by the California Arts Council.

  • Recent Announcements

    NY & Boston writers, join the Fall 2015 Harvardwood Writers Group by Sept. 9th!

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    Do community service? Apply now for a $500 unrestricted Harvardwood Heroes grant!

    We are now accepting applications to become a 2015 Harvardwood Hero and the recipient of a $500 grant! Apply by October 25, 2015.

    Launched in 2013, the Harvardwood Heroes grant program awards $500 grants to applicants who have demonstrated a distinguished level of service to their organizations of choice. Every year, grant winners will be determined by the strength of their proposal. They will receive the first $250 upon announcement of the winners and the balance of the grant upon submission of a final essay six months later. Harvardwood members and/or applicants whose service project is arts-related will receive priority consideration.


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